Cypress test without Manger role

While enhancing cypress tests for the group membership panel for non-manager users, I am stopped by an unauthorized problem.
Unfortunatly there are no cypress tests in Volto with non-manager users to get insight how to fix. If you ever used cy.autologin for non-manager users in your add-on, please share your insights.

describe('User Group Membership Control Panel test for non-manager', () => {
  beforeEach(() => {
      username: 'siteadmin',
      fullname: 'Sven Siteadministrator',
      roles: ['Site Administrator'],
    cy.autologin('siteadmin', 'password');

Now with role Site Administrator the user should be granted the right to use the group membership panel, which is at least fetching Plone restapi @users and @groups.

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