Customize on portalviewcustomization causes Portlet Error

Hi, we are using plone 5.0.8 on production server. Everything is fine when a portlet collection for news is created on left column. But a simple customization on (change class on div) TTW makes the portlet shows an error. Event.log has an unauthorized error: You are not allowed to access 'get' in this context. Customizations TTW on or works fine. Does anyone face this problem? Is there a way to correct?

portal_view_customizations is basically a broken approach. There's no guarantee that a template which worked as filesystem code will work when customized TTW, because now it runs with object security checks. I always override templates using z3c.jbot on the filesystem instead (or maybe a Diazo rule for something like this).

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I think is very important to deprecate and remove portal_view_customizations ASAP, do we need a PLIP on that?

Thanks for your answer. I'll override on filesystem.

Can anyone tell me how to override teh portlet properties in filesystem

What are portlet properties?

Use z3c.jbot for overriding arbitrary page templates or write your own portlet by subclassing an existing portlet if necessary.