Customising @@register in Plone 4.3.3

I am currently trying to implement a recaptcha-v2 in the plone 4.3.3 member self-registry and it turned out to be a major headache.

How can i add anything to @@register oder @@register-confirm-email? When added with TAL in a customized view the recaptcha is working - but how can i add it to @@register? All i found in forums were instructions about building packages that replace the form, but i lack the basic knowledge of where to begin. Is there any way to achieve this in zope?

So far i tried with collective.recaptcha, collective.registrationcaptcha, plone.formwidget.recaptcha and collective.emailconfirmationregistration, but i can't find any view or option for @@register anywhere.

The @@register view is registered at

If you want to change what it does, you should override that with your own view, probably deriving your new view from the original view (subclass it). Look for "view customization", specifically "overrides.zcml" in the Plone docs.

On Plone 4 there's a good example add-on for this:
Unluckily I fear it became broken at some point, or at least I had some issues with it some years ago.
Try to look at old version branch:

@petri @keul

Thanks guys, i have no time for the registry until end of next week, but i will let you know how it worked out.