Custom WSGI server not picked up by buildout

I have this instance configuration for WSGI server bjoern (could be any other WSGI server):

debug-mode = off
control-script = instance1
http-address = 11001
zeo-address = 11000
eggs +=
wsgi-ini-template = ${buildout:directory}/templates/

I see that dataflake.wsgi.bjoern has been added to the bin/instance1 script. But the wsgi.ini is still the waitress related configuration file....anything I am missing?

I've been using bjoern with a similar recipe for a while now, what's the content of your template?

Mine starts with:

use = egg:dataflake.wsgi.bjoern#main
listen = %(http_address)s
reuse_port = False

What are the main advantages of bjorn over waitress for you that you choose bjoern?

The main purpose of my experiment was to make Waitress shut up with unwanted console messages :slight_smile:

PROS: faster, lighter, simpler, no problem in my environments so far
GitHub - jonashaag/bjoern: A screamingly fast Python 2/3 WSGI server written in C. · GitHub
A Performance Analysis of Python WSGI Servers: Part 2 | Blog | AppDynamics

CONS: managed by a single developer ....

Bjørn, maybe ? :slight_smile:

Performance of WSGI servers in the context of Plone is likely irrelevant. The core performance of Plone is and remains slow...any WSGI server should be able to handle Plone.