Custom Dexterity content-types show up in Plone 4, not in Plone 5

I am currently porting (XML-DIrector) to Plone 5. The add-on introduces several new Dexterity fields:

The fields show up in the Dexterity control panel as new fields in Plone 4.3 but they are not available in Plone 5.

Anything missing here for Plone 5?


Does anyone know the purpose of


for DX content-types generated through the web? Why does not allowedFields contain custom DX fields but only the standard DX fields?

The reason for this is to fix See the commit by @ebrehault.

I'm not sure, that solution is the best. At minimum the dexterity-docs need the info on how to allow new custom fields.

@zopyx you of all people should use git blame and git show to figure that out.

See what I did in #768 - long before you posted your reply :slight_smile:


A possible workaround is documented here