Creating themes as add-ons

The 2023 World Plone Day presentation by @sneridagh is the best quick intro to getting a Plone theme-as-addon started.

It covers all the bases:
from starting your project, adding a new theme add-on, wiring up that add-on, and how to get going with adding your own customizations, even if those customizations are coming from additional add-ons.

Just thought I'd mention it here.


Now that I have more clarity, I'm re-watching the video on Plone/Volto Theming in 2024, this one is by @pnicolli, (also a good video).
In general, the first video in this thread should be watched first.

The early steps, mentioned in this video, seem to be different from what I picked up from the previous video, which I summarise as follows:

npm install -g yo @plone/generator-volto
yo @plone/volto my-volto-project # create your volto project
cd my-volto-project
yo @plone/volto:addon my-volto-theme
make install
# edit package.json and set theme to 'my-volto-theme'

Regardless, I was able to understand the mechanism being presented.

And now the @kitconcept/volto-light-theme makes so much more sense to me:
I can see the language evolving between early 2023 and late 2023. In this, newer video, there's a lot more emphasis on "theme entry points" and they make so much sense.

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