Creating a reusable volto view from existing blocks

I'm looking for a way to register a view that basically registers a configuration of blocks against my content type. Either through the web or in code.

You can create, through the web, a Volto page with blocks. In Plone classic, when you edit that page, you'll see the "Layout" fieldset with the blocks and blocks_layout fields. You can copy those to your component view code. You can pass a content={{blocks, blocks_layout}} to the RenderBlocks component, see here:

For details on how to register the view as a layout view, check this:
Creating Volto Views – Frontend – Development recipes — Plone Documentation v6.0. It's also possible to register it for a content type, plug it into the config.views.contentTypeViews, see

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You get a single layout per content type rather than multiple views in classic or mosaic.

Once I've fully grokked all of this, I'll have to put together a resource with a few pictures and examples to save my future self the 4 or so hours my present self is about to lose this week.

You may want to have a look at the layout editor.
The layout editor allows to create a predefined layout (some blocks…) per content type.
You can access it via the content types control panel.
My favorite conference speaker @avoinea made a nice talk about it:

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Thanks @ksuess, I "discovered" the layout editor this week, it is crazy that it was presented as far back as 2020. Plus @djay linked to documentation about it at the end of September in this very thread.