Creating a plone theme in an Existing plone

I'm stuck following the to create a custom theme with diazo for plone.

If I understand it correctly following this tutorial you create new plone installation with the custom theme in it.
I was windering if i cannot just create the custom theme based in abrcelone in an existing Plone

Thank you and sorry for my english in advance.



It was a bit difficult to understand what you mean.

Do you want to learn to theme Plone, or do you 'just want to make it look like xxx' .

If 'just want to make it look like xxx': What is xxx (what do you want it to look like)

Im sorry, I'm trying to create a new theme following the tutorial.

Still, I need to know WHY

ā€¦ it goes something like this:

  1. If you want to learn how to make a theme (and do it from 'scratch'), you follow the tutorial
  2. If you 'just want to make a theme', you do the 'mr.bob' thing and put the add on in src (folder) and add it to buildout (in eggs and develop).
  3. If that also is complicated, you duplicate the barceloneta theme in the @@theming-controlpanel and edit it TTW (and/or export it to use it on other sites and as a backup)
  4. If you just wants to make small edits to existing themes you can duplicate them in the theming control panel and give them the same name as the old.

Alternatively, you can help me finish / and use that :slight_smile:

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Are those tips available for Plone 4.3 ?

Not really.
ā€¦ but if you want to make a new theme, it might be worth migrating the site to Plone 5.

PS: I have updated the how to / video, please read this: