Creating a Plone React Control-Panel

Hi peeps, I'm looking for a little advice on creating a custom control-panel in React. When I try to access the /@@overview-controlpanel path through the plone.restapi it simply returns the page HTML. There doesn't seem to be a way of listing the control-panel contents, or the setting views for that matter. Alright, so I guess that would be expected, no problem.

BUT, if I'd like to create my own control-panel interface in React how may I go about accessing this data..? Would I have to create my own endpoint with methods to handle these settings, and then simply expose this to my React application..?

What would be the best way of doing this?

There is a controlpanel endpoint already:


If you want to create your own control panel you need to register it with the usual profile XML file.

As for the settings displayed on that control panel, since Plone 5 all settings should be stored as registry settings, so you can ignore/avoid a control panel and use directly the registry endpoint:


Awesome sauce, thank you!