Creating a new Plone site (Advanced mode) does not install Content Types

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Unselecting Example Content during the creation of a new website in advanced mode does not install the default Plone content types (and there is no easy way to do it via Plone's UI).

I was expecting only the example content (Frontpage. news, events...) to be missing, not Dexterity and its


I guess this should be renamed to "Default content types and content"

Confirmed. I just noticed the same thing this morning.

If you pass in the extension_ids array to Products.CMFPlone.factory.addPloneSite it works, but the UI doesn't do that.

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I can see the usage of "create site without example content", but it seems to me creating a site without any content types is a bit too restrictive.

This is quite an old issue, when Archetypes was still a thing :wink:

I think the checkbox should just create "Example content" and a default Plone 5.2 should come with it's content types configured. Probably just a restructuring of profiles/depencies is needed.

Also this other issue:

I will work on a PR to fix that.

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