Creating a Custom Plone Behavior for Separate Title and URL Name

Hi everyone,

I'm working on extending a content type in Plone using custom behaviors. Currently, there's a behavior that allows setting the title and URL ID (final URL segment) based on a "filename" field.

I'm aiming to create a new behavior that accomplishes the following:

  • Separate Title and URL Name: I want to introduce a new field called "short_name" that will be used to dynamically generate the URL ID (last part of the URL). The existing title field should remain independent and be used for display purposes.

In essence, I want to achieve a setup where:

  • Title: Used for display (can be edited independently)
  • URL Name: Derived from the "short_name" field (automatically generated)
# INameFromFileName
from import INameFromTitle
from plone.base.utils import safe_hasattr
from plone.rfc822.interfaces import IPrimaryFieldInfo
from zope.component import adapter
from zope.interface import implementer
from zope.interface import Interface

class INameFromFileName(Interface):
    """Marker interface to enable name from filename behavior"""

class NameFromFileName:
    def __new__(cls, context):
        info = IPrimaryFieldInfo(context, None)
        if info is None:
            return None
        filename = getattr(info.value, "filename", None)
        if not isinstance(filename, str) or not filename:
            return None
        instance = super().__new__(cls)
        instance.title = filename
        if safe_hasattr(context, "title") and not context.title:
            context.title = filename
        return instance

    def __init__(self, context):

maybe this can help

Use the defaults.

There's a 'Short name' field in the 'Settings' tab for content. It allows you to change the thing in the url.
The default INameFromTitle will set in the name initially, but changing the title will not touch the name.

Remove your custom stuff and you are done for the day!