Creating a cron job to start plone

I need to create a cron job to restart my plone site. I have this so far:

10,30,50 * * * */home/lwhsboosters/webapps/boosters/zinstance/bin/./instance start

I know the path is right and I know is SSH the "./instance start" is the proper command from the 'bin' directory.

Will this work as a cron job?

I think you likely want "restart" instead of "start" as your zctl command.

My recommendation is to consider using supervisor, plus maybe superlance if either: (a) you have more than one instance; (b) you have a need to manage restarts in any way other than manually. These can easily be integrated with your buildout.



supervisor is what I've been seeing lately

For old sites on old Linux distros, I used to make my own restart scripts.

Definitely do not start your sites on a schedule; REstart them maybe. Even then, you shouldn't have to restart them frequently... a long time ago there were more memory growth issues but not lately.

as @seanupton mentioned, you must use supervisor AND superlance.

there are 2 main reasons you may want to restart an instance automatically:

you should try to avoid doing it in the first case because, as we discussed on a previous thread, this is a costly process; you better adjust the number of objects in the ZODB cache.

be careful with httpok: I run it only once an hour, because it can restart your instance under some heavy load circumstances and things can get ugly; also, Zope is rock-solid and it's quite difficult to find a blocked instance.

we have instances that have been running for many months, or even years, without restarting them.

here you have a typical buildout configuration for it: