Create a new label `sprint` for the Plone organization

Who has permission to create a new label sprint for the Plone organization?

I would like this to be available for the multiple repositories that plone/documentation touches. Without a sprint label, I need to create a new project board, and we already have one, Release Plone 6 docs.


I can add a sprint label there, but it looks like it is only setting the default labels which will be applied to new repositories in the organization, not existing repositories.

I think @jensens set up the labels. I can't remember, did you have a way to automate updating them across multiple repositories?

I have a script, probably a bit outdated. The label would be 99 tag: sprint. You can create one for each repository or wait for me to to it, but it may take a week. Read also:

We created that tag for plone/documentation and went with a GitHub project board. I think that it would be a useful addition for future PloneConfs.

While we are at it, are there other tags that might be useful across GitHub repos?