Could we have A new release for cioppino.twothumbs please?

I tried to run cioppino.twothumbs with Plone 6 and got an import error. I committed a fix for this. I made also changes to the buildout scripts of this Plone add-on and fixed some smaller issues shown by constraint and flake and check-manifest.
I tried to create a new release for cioppino.twothumbs, but I didn't get the necessary permissions.
Could a developer with the appropriate permissions please create a new release of the add-on, thus it works with Plone 6 too?

@andreasma can you give me your pypi username? I can give you permission to do a release.

It would be good to have CI in place for this package. Travis is gone, so I'd suggest moving to GHA. If you need an example have a look at:

We also provide GHA templates:

Right now it is unclear if the package will still work with Python 2.7 and Plone 4.3. It is fine to cut a new major release and cut support for old cruft. Though, in that case it needs to be transparent for the users by doing a major release and reflecting this in in the classifiers:

@tisto thanks for your reply. Jens added me to the project at PyPI in tlhe meantime.
I added a Github action. Thanks for your hint about the actions script.
I just published a new h of the add-on.
I'm aware that there are some todos left. I'll have a look and work on them.

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