Copying old Data.fs after the fresh installation of Plone 4.3.9

Hi All,

As a process to migrate from Plone 3.3.5 to Plone 4.3.9, we installed a fresh version of Plone 4.3.9 on a new machine and now using our old Data.FS to start the site. We are done with all the code modifications and successfully ran the build out. We initially got the message 'Info: Zope Ready to handle request'.
After that when we hit the URL in browser we are getting 'ComponentLookupError: (, '')'. Kindkly refer to the attached logs:

Is it possible to directly install the Plone and use the old Data.fs or we need to follow the normal Migration procedure?

Please let us know if we can provide you more information.


Did You run the Plone migration?

Hi Zopyx,

No, we are not able to login to the server. When ever we hit the URL we are facing the Component look up Error mentioned above.


In general you should be able to log into ZMI (root of your Zope installation (not your PLONE INSTALLATION)).


the problem seems to be that Plone 4.3 is expecting plone.registry to be installed and that package was not available in Plone 3.3; I already answered that to you before here in the forum.

I was checking the Plone Upgrade Guide but I can't find any reference to this.

please try the upgrade i smaller steps: first upgrade to Plone 4.0, then to Plone 4.1, and so on; seems to me something is missing but I have no idea where.

Do we have this small piece of great advice in any of documentation in Some more info: Plone Migration 4.3.4 to 5.0 Errors