Copying a plone site - how to give permissions to old data.fs

i am copying the plone site. i copied the data.fs from local to the server. getting the following error

IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/plone/zinstance/var/filestorage/Data.fs'

how do i give permissions?

i have managed to overcome this error. now i am getting the same error in the following. seems i have done something incorrect. I am following instructions on . is there something else to the job.

IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/plone/buildout-cache/eggs/node-0.9.16-py2.7.egg/EGG-INFO/entry_points.txt'

The docs say
Rerun buildout in order to automatically re-download and configure all Python packages needed to run the site
python to make the buildout use new local Python interpreter
Then bin/buildout to regenerate parts/ folder

I am unable to do the first step "python to make the buildout use new local Python interpreter"

The copied files have the same owner as the user account used to run Plone which is usually the system account that you used on the target system to run buildout. 'chown' is your friend.


@zopyx thanks

i aligned all the owner and group to plone_buildout and plone_group but the error continues. (was i supposed to do this) a few folders had owners as root and i changed it.

There is absolutely NO NEED to work as ROOT in the context of Plone and buildout.
So why do you use root permissions if you don't know about the impact? Plone can be installed and SHOULD BE installed without root permissions. Point.


Given the frequency in which file ownership issues crop up on this forum, I'm wondering whether it wouldn't make sense to add a check to the default buildout / installer that displays a big warning BEYOND HERE BE DRAGONS if you run as root. Tell newbies right there and then to change course.

Of course it needs to be possible to bypass that for experts. Like, I never run as root, except in my gitlab-ci docker builds (because that's how gitlab-ci works) ....

We have that already in the docs, but maybe we should move it to a better place ?

We should also may consider to update the docs from the UI-Installer ?

My suggestion was actually not to update the docs but to do a check while running the buildout. That check should raise hell and point to the docs if you're running as root.

@gyst I know, maybe I should re-word what I mean:

Would it be an idea to also improve the docs about this ?

I am not suggesting anything else I am just asking in addition to others/your suggestion.

Talking about your suggestion, we could more or less easily add a note/warn message to the UI, which pops up, when you call the install script as root.
But this will be 'only' work for people who use the UI for the install, this will not work if people later, lets say after they added a product run buildout again.

And this is exactly why I ask, does is makes sense to make that more prominent in the docs ?

@sven Yes that makes sense. Especially with a more verbose explanation about what goes wrong, what the symptoms are (with Google-able error message quotes), how to recover using chown -R.