Copy or Move permission

What operation(s) does this Copy or Move permission guard?

I've seen that the Zope root gives this permission to Anonymous, and that Plone Site and content itens acquire it (although Plone site grants that permission to Site Admin). If a permission is grant at the Zope root to anonymous, and is not managed by the default workflows, isn't that the same as not using that permission?

Besides, does it make sense that one Role could be granted "Copy or Move" even though it couldn't have Delete Objects? I mean, moving is not the same as creating a copy and deleting the original?

Sorry for bringing up this thread, but i stumbled about this settings. An authenticated user see the copy-action-button in the editbar, per default. this makes no sense, from my point of view. is this an issue or a feature? this permission should be another setting set per default. but what makes sense?