Convert site to multilingual

I have a Plone 5 site, with content – folders, pages, images, custom content types (with custom views( and a few mosaic views.
All content is Dexterity

Now, we want to make the site Multilingual.

What is the best approach when installing

Do I move all folders and content to the 'no' folder and just translate it from there?

Anything else I should think of / test before I start ?

As always make a backup before :wink:

When you install pam, the only thing that is done for you is the setup of the language folders and this happens when you configure the languages within the control panel.

From then on you have to move your content manually to the language root of choice and start translating. You can also link objects later as you need them. There also is no canonical language folder anymore, all language items are "equal".


There is nice documentation at


I'm not grasping what you mean by this.

Toolbar -> Translate -> Manage Translations

In that overview you see what's already translated or not. Use the link/unlink icon to connect the language version of your choice.

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I ran into activating issues myself yesterday. Once you install p.a.multilingual add'on, it hooks into changes you make to the available languages in the languages control panel and tries to fix/set up things automatically.

That didn't work out for me, maybe because I had already selected 2 languages in the control panel before I installed the p.a.multilingual add'o in the site . So I removed the second language, re-added it again, added a third language to get rid of the second one I actually wanted without ending up with one language. etc. etc. But I still ended up with a FrankenLingual setup.

What I had to check/set up manually and I assume p.a.multilingual does for you if you stick to the right(tm) order, whatever that may be:

  • Unlike previous p.a.multilingual installs, access to the Plone Site Root was not automatically redirected to the preferred Language Root Folder. Turns out there is a Language Root Switcher view that should be set on the site root, you can add it manually

  • My second Language Root Folder didn't have its own language set correctly. It was also set to English (English being the first language). This impacted the language selector viewlet which didn't work. So check that all your language root folders (LRF) have the correct language after p.a.multilingual creates it.