Controlling content views

I am using plone 5.1.4

My goal is to have certain content types available to only certain groups of users.

My thought was that I would create a group, like member, call it salesmember. Then in the article settings just add that permission to the article build.

It seems to be quite a bit more complicated than that.

On stack overflow I found

which led me to

I get to the ZMI, I see the copy for the workflows, but I see

Where can I find a syntax or list of items I can put in these boxes here? I am making assumptions on users and groups, but permissions is a mystery to me.

Also in the workflow section I am currently using intranet/extranet.

I don't see a way to choose multiple workflows so I could have Intrantet-Technician/Intranet-SalesRep/Intranet-Engineer

Thank you for the guidance.


The types/yourtype.xml file for the related content type usually contains a dedicated add permission like

 <property name="add_permission">Add.MyType</property>

The name of the permission can be specific like Add.MyType and must be configured through ZCML like


    title="add permission for my type"


The default mapping of your custom permission to roles should be defined in the rolemap.xml file of your profile like

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <role name="My Group"/>
    <permission name="Add.MyTest"  acquire="True">
      <role name="Manager"/>
      <role name="Site Administrator"/>
      <role name="My Group"/>

Thank you very much I am going to try this tonight. I appreciate the time.