Contributor's Agreement and also a new contributor

I am a new contributor, a GSoC aspirant, and don't know how to proceed to contribute to plone,I have installed plone on my local machine. Could I start contributing directly or should I sign the contributor agreement in order to contribute?
For the contributor agreement should I take a physical copy, sign it physically and scan it and send an email to

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Hi Rakshith,
you are welcome to contribute to Plone. You already took the first step and installed Plone. Great! You may now read how to contribute on Contributor’s Agreement for Plone Explained.
If you have further questions, come back here.
You can find extensive learning material on Training.

Thank you for the reply :smile:
May I know What should I do next? should I just go through the learning process of how plone by going through the Training? or should I start contributing to the organization by solving issues in GitHub or start contributing to the documentation and volto ???

May I get a reply for this pls :sweat_smile:
what should I do next after filling up the form for the contributor agreement? Should I directly work in the issues which are listed as lvl41 easy or go through the training ??

With the trainings you are getting familiar with Plone.
The Volto training sets a focus on the frontend. The "Mastering Plone Development" training embraces backend and frontend.