Contribution Guidence

Hi good afternoon i am new to the contribution world , i want to contribute in plone , i have seen the documentation of the plone do i need to go through all the topics or may i ignore some . I know javascript, html5 and css along with basic understanding of MERN stack , please guide me to select the topics which might interest me cause there are about 40-50 topic in the documentation.(I am here through gsoc)

The Plone community, like with most open source software, is a collection of self-directed individuals. Unlike a university or employer, we don't provide guidance or mentoring, except to accepted GSoC participants. If you have a specific interest, please ask, and we can refer you to possible resources.

For contributing, please read and follow Contributing to Plone and First-time contributors.

There are also some good Trainings that can help you learn how to use Plone.