Contributing translations and i18n quality assurance in Plone 5?

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still the official way for contributing translations to Plone 5?

Situation: at least the German translations are far away from being complete...many forms are a bad mixture of English and German.

So what is the best way to contribute translations?

Wasn't there a web-based tool for managing translations and in particular checking a language for completeness?
Tools like Transiflex?

In general: at the time when Plone 5.1 should be released all "major" languages must be supported completely. It's ok having this mixture in 5.0 release. However as a professional enterprise-level CMS the most important languages must be support out-of-the-box and completely. How can we manage and measure the translation quality in Plone?


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Yes, the information on that page seems correct to me.

There is a plone translation project on Transifex, but as far as I know it is not up to date. So committing to is still the best way.

To measure the amount of translations in the plone domain:

$ src/ $ i18ndude list -p plone

Result on current master branch:

Messages: 2695

Tier 1:

100% - English (en)
93% - French (fr)
92% - Italian (it)
78% - German (de)
89% - Spanish (es)
98% - Dutch (nl)
72% - Chinese (China) (zh-cn)
95% - Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)
79% - Japanese (ja)
10% - Korean (ko)
93% - Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-br)
77% - Russian (ru)
57% - Polish (pl)
52% - Turkish (tr)
13% - Thai (th)
38% - Arabic (ar)

Tier 2:

63% - Swedish (sv)
58% - Finnish (fi)
87% - Danish (da)
49% - Portuguese (pt)
60% - Romanian (ro)
37% - Hungarian (hu)
41% - Hebrew (he)
42% - Indonesian (id)
69% - Czech (cs)
28% - Greek (el)
53% - Norwegian (no)
47% - Vietnamese (vi)
47% - Bulgarian (bg)
9% - Croatian (hr)
37% - Lithuanian (lt)
54% - Slovak (sk)
0% - Tagalog (tl)
82% - Slovenian (sl)
22% - Serbian (sr)
63% - Catalan (ca)
30% - Latvian (lv)
86% - Ukrainian (uk)
7% - Hindi (hi)

Tier 3:

55% - Afrikaans (af)
3% - Albanian (sq)
9% - Armenian (hy)
100% - Basque (eu)
8% - Bengali (bn)
18% - Burmese (my)
16% - Chinese (Hongkong) (zh-hk)
53% - Esperanto (eo)
18% - Estonian (et)
17% - Furlan (fu)
39% - Galician (gl)
16% - Georgian (ka)
15% - Kannada (kn)
22% - Macedonian (mk)
9% - Nynorsk (nn)
18% - Persian (fa)
8% - Tamil (ta)
8% - Telugu (te)
18% - Welsh (cy)

What is Tier 1,2,3? Importance of languages for a Plone release? At least the Tier 1 languages clearly need a lot of love for a final release.

So the preferred way for fixing translations (in my case DE) is to take the de/LC_MESSAGES/plone.po and update all cases with an empty "msgstr"?

Do you want pull requests for updated translations or are direct commits fine?


I don't know who first came up with the tier 1/2/3 and if much thought has gone into that. Presumably these are the most used languages in the world, with some arbitrariness added, like Dutch. :slight_smile:

Yes, update those empty msgstrs.
And check any messages that are marked with 'fuzzy': the English message has changed since the last translation, so maybe the translation needs to be updated too. If the translation is fine, remove the fuzzy marker.
And note that next to plone.po there are other po files, and there is the locales-addons directory in the same package, which may have interesting domains.

Direct commits are fine. If you want someone else to check it first, you can create a pull request. Probably best to directly @mention a native speaker then.

@zopyx, you could do a pull if you want review and mention me @loechel in there I will review and merge within 24 hours.


ok, guess I will find some more time during the Mephisto sprint in two weeks.