Contributing to Plone, does the Contributor Agreement Apply to GSOC interns?

Hi, I'm Felix Okwanma and I'm a GSOC applicant. I successfully downloaded and installed plone and created a website. Going through the documentation i noticed the contributor agreement section and found some broken links too that made me wonder if It's still valid and does it apply to GSOC applicants? I's appreciate any clarification

Dealing with pull requests on GitHub

Before we can merge a pull request, we have to check that the author has signed the contributor’s agreement.

If they’re listed in, the author has signed so we can go ahead and merge.

If they aren’t listed there, there’s still a chance they have signed the contributor’s agreement.

If they have signed before the move to GitHub, you can ask to check.

Pull requests without contributor’s agreement can only be merged in trivial cases, and only by the release manager.

@robin Welcome to plone!
Yes, for contributing to Plone core codebase you'll need to sign Contributor's Agreement.
Please go through here if you haven't. It has a nice Q&A section which might clear your doubts.

Also please raise a ticket if you have found some broken links somewhere.(but 1st check that it's not done already by someone)

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Alright @MAX-786 thank you, I will.

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Please provide a link to the docs where you found broken links. We need to fix them. Thank you!

The github link provided there leads to a Github error page. "page not found". If they're listed in "broken link" the author has signed the contributor's agreement. Is it supposed to be that way?

We know the link is broken. I have no idea where you found it. How can I fix the link if you do not tell me where the link appears? Thank you!

I found this one with Free Backlink Checker by Ahrefs: Check Backlinks to Any Site . There might be more links and/or in other versions.

edit: I also could have read the initial post and realise it says Dealing with pull requests on GitHub right there.

or Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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The link was on my initial post

At the top of that page:

Ah, that's a UI thing. It looks like a heading and does not look like a link. A icon that hints it is a link only shows up onHover:

I'll submit a PR to fix that as v5 is still a supported version.

We probably won't update v4 docs as that version is no longer supported, unless @polyester has nothing better to do.

The backlink tool is new to me. I knew about GitHub search, but wanted to make sure it was under our control before doing anything.

BTW, the GitHub search has a new beta feature that makes it useful for finding URLs with regex or exact matches, something that previously was not possible. Previously it would break URLs on punctuation, which was not useful at all.

Alright. And yeah, the UI thing kinda sucks too. The link icon should be fixed instead of displaying on hover.

I submitted PRs to address the issues uncovered here.

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This has been merged and deployed. @robin please let me know if this is more obvious now: Contributing to Plone Core — Plone Documentation v5.2

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yeah, looks straightforward to me.