Continuous integration tests for Plone should include with at least 2 configured languages

Righ now, folder listings from don't work with
Bug folder_listing broken with p.a.multilingual.

Since is part of the plone core, it should also be included within our ci-tests.

So the problem is not pam related, but still think pam should part of our ci-tests.

Where do you get the idea that p.a.multilingual tests are not part of the official Plone test suite? grep for '' in and you will see that they are indeed part of it.

But I don't see a configuration message for language folders.

Was looking for something like:

  • Added 'de' folder: de
  • I can view the site English

Which should have thrown an error for the mentioned bug.
But I don't have the insight for all the automated testing that is happening...