Content view not purged in varnish cache when switching view

In some setups with Plone 5.1 I have noticed that our Varnish cache in front of the website does not get purged, it still serves for example the summary view on a folder to anonymous users when I switch the view on the folder to the album view until the cache TTL times out.

The thing is, I hadn't noticed it myself before until now (don't edit that much content normally, we only support the CMS, ahem). I haven't heard any complaints from our editors/customers so far either.

Before I dive in and spend multiple hours in varnish logs, devtools and the myriad of settings: Is this supposed to work and should Plone send purge requests on view changes? The modification date is not changed on the content, no version is created, etc. Just want to know from soem fellow Plone devs/integrators: does this normally work for you, did you have questions/issues from edtior or needed specific setup?

Plone 5.1.5, Varnish 6.0.3, plone.recipe.varnish latest release, nginx -> varnish -> zeoclient, all settings as I have seen them working for many years.