Content rules for first login

Is it possible to make a content rule for 'first login'? Maybe by using a TALES expression looking for 'last login' (which used to be a certain date if user had not logged in before).

Plone users are not content and therefore the question makes no sense.


or collective.onlogin as an inspiration how to handle your usecase.

So I assume that means that a TALES expression can not do something similar to api.user.get_current() ? (there is already a 'user logged in content rule', but I have never used it.

There's a IUserInitialLoginInEvent event. I don't know if you can use it as a triggering event OOTB.

You can also do Products.PlonePAS/src/Products/PlonePAS/tools/ at d148e7eb50e52cddf954406c06026fb5e60f3da7 · plone/Products.PlonePAS · GitHub in a content rule for a user logged in event.

Thanks. It looks like this could work:

      name="User Logged in first time"


from  import execute_user_rules

def user_logged_in_first(event):
     """When a user is logged in first time, execute rules assigned to the Plonesite."""