Confusion between Volto and Classic sites in Plone 6

I've seen several issues where people were running into trouble because they created a Plone 6 site using the "Create a new Plone site" button (which creates a Volto-enabled site) instead of the "Create Classic Plone site" button, but they are not actually accessing the site using Volto.

I think we need to add some help text to make it clearer that the first button creates a site that will only work properly with Volto.

or just the link to the new Volto site created?

When the backend is accessed directly it has no idea what URL Volto is on, or if it is even running. So I don't see how we would make a link.

@santonelli I think we talked about this at Barnabeer while Plone conference and said you would like to improve this?

Marketing / community wise we want to avoid using ‘Volto’ or ‘react frontend’ adjectives and standardise ‘Plone 6’ without extra words to mean ‘with Volto’

But for the new Plone Site setup wizard this might be a bit too soon and we need more clarification.

I understand that from a marketing perspective, we want people to think of Volto as the new standard Plone frontend. But, from a technical perspective, we need people who are creating a site to realize that they need to do something they didn't do before.

The site creation is on the technical side and may use the term Volto in the description. The idea is, the technical term is Volto for the frontend in the sense like Dexterity is for content types. @santonelli had the idea to use Bootstrap cards side by side and IIRC (some beer was involved) include a title, a description and a button there.


Another thing I noticed again today is that the p.a.upgrade form is a a bit too enthousiastically promoting an upgrade to volto as being on the same difficulty level as the 'classic' upgrade path in an existing classic site. As if it are equal options. Also the follow up page with the volto upgrade info is not stating explicitly that that new frontend needs to be installed as an extra service and is not running/served from the current process.

This is what people might expect from the explanation and upgrade screens being there. It's all about managing expectations.

Yeah, I think it is mostly a matter of improving the messaging, linking to docs, etc.

I think there needs to be extra information on that initial page, including short description of the options, some details about the frontend stacks (React vs Python-based templates) and links to documentations. Maybe even screenshots side by side, so that people can identify what they have.

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+1 for @santonelli's idea with cards on the installation page. Maybe the default "volto" installation could be more prominent and "classic/advanced" installation below. Like this example here Jumbotron example · Bootstrap v5.2