Conference add-ons

It's interesting how many add-ons have been developed to manage conferences.

What other ones are you aware of?

1 Like is the add-on developed during Mastering Plone.
It was also used for Plone Tagung 2019 and 2020 ( and
The plone6 branch is used together with to provide the same features for Plone 6 with Volto.

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The add-on collective.conferences was used for the management of the
LibreOffice conferences 2012 and 2013. It was created on Plone 4.x and
Python 2.7. I'm working on the last bits of the migration to Plone 5.2.x
and Python 3.x.


@andreasma that’s really cool! Were you one of the organizers?

It would be fun to write a blog post on this topic. Also to set up demo sites with these packages.

@tkimnguyen I was in the organizers team those days.
I think it would be great to add some more features to the add-on, set
up such demo-site and write a blog-post afterwards.
The package needs also some documentation. That's also on my todo list.

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@tkimnguyen during the last weeks I worked further on the conference
add-on and published a new version on PyPi two days ago:

I'm currently working on some improvements especially on the view
templates and open for some suggestions for other improvements, further
features etc.
I had already a look on the ploneconf add-on. Maybe a module for
trainings is missing. The conferences, where I participated in the orga
team, had not such content. They hosted only talks (presentations) and