Comments question

For one of my customers, I made screenshots of all the pages of the site we are developing, and then 'let them comment on them. I put the images on a 5.1.5 site I had 'running'.

I noticed that 'modified dates' (and other dates) are not showing up for the comments (Comments — Grieg Medialog Tags).

  1. Is this still the case in 'newest Plone' ?
  2. Is there a (simple) way to display the comments (newest comment first, oldest last )
  3. Is there something I can filter on, to show 'All items that have comments' ?

Question 1 and 2: Try a collection with a tabular view.
Question 3: Go to moderation view and see all comments sorted on date and with links to their commented page.

This is what I end up with:

I have not enabled moderations. Will it work if I enable it now (or just for new comments?)

A collection of comments (not commented objects)

  • sort by creation date
  • show title, creation date

That gives a view with links to commented objects and date.

Yes, it gives this (but is it not strange that ONLY the table view shows the date?) Comments — Grieg Medialog Tags