with Plone 4.3.11? Is it dead, or anyone have it working? Alternatives?

Greetings. Was curious about the status on It hasn't been updated in quite some time:, but the video here: it would be great to enable those features.
Anyone had any luck with it on Plone 4.3.11? If it is dead, is there a working replacement anyone knows about?

it worked then but probably hasn't been given much love (check most recent commit dates). Biggest issue was that it seems to work but the parsing and merging algorithm is for text, not HTML, so it can leave tags in bad states

probably best to use another service and integrate with Plone but you know that :slight_smile: e.g. Gitter side-car chat button is nice like the one we put on or maybe integrate or some such

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There were some permissions issues with one of the eggs having 400 permissions, that should be 644. I had to manually fix those, then buildout worked. And server starts. Now I need to created the configuration file for it to talk to the (now) running XMPP server, and then add various Javascript front ends, it looks like there are several to pick from for Plone.
Looking promising for Plone 4.3.11 at least.
I'll post an update if/when it is working.

I would not give up on this and instead ask @opkode if there are updates in the quaive code base that could be backported.

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Thx @do3cc! I didn't know the Intranet cabal had been doing that... always a suspicious bunch :wink:

Sorry to spoil the party, but we don't use xmpp. It was a conscious choice to not hand off our messages and social graph for storage in a erlang database :wink:

Oops, sorry for spreading false hopes.