Collective.vdexvocabulary treevocabulary and 43,000+ vocabulary

I am trying to use a standard geographic code data set as a tree vocabulary. The original source is a spreadsheet that I converted to csv and then converted to vdex using vdexcsv. The original key uses the example format:


Since I used vdexcsv, I had to reformat the key to implement the tree. Vdexcsv uses dots to implement the heirarchy/structure. The csv is now using something like:

for the key.

As you can see the depth of the vocabulary tree is 4.

If I register the vdex file as a c.vdexvocabulary vocabulary, it only reads the first level so it loads fine. However, if I try to load the file as a treevocabulary, my Plone does not seem to finish processing the vocabulary. I can not get to the "Zope Ready to handle requests" even after waiting for several minutes. Anybody know what is going on at this stage?

Is there an issue with dotted keys?

The documentation states that the module can do:

10,000+ terms and 30,000+ relations.

Should I just do linking via vdex relations?

BTW, if I import the vdex file into collective.taxonomy, the import is slow and the loading in the forms is slow but the transaction completes.

Any advice? Should I just implement it as a content type and implement a vocabulary with a query method?