Collective user on PyPI

There is a collective user on PyPI. Idea behind the user is to give a group of people release permissions for orphaned packages or packages where the current maintainer like to give a broader audience access.

Often there is the question who are the people behind the user in order to contact them for a release.

Unfortunately, there is no such list of people.

I propose to add a short list of GitHub usernames to mention at
Alternative we can create a GitHub team in the collective organization with some of the people, so one can mention them with @collective/pypi or so.

But first - who is it?

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Does this mean you or someone active in the community has the 'collective' pypi user login credentials? I've been wondering this for some time.

No, I don't have them, questions is, who is the mysterious person with the credentials?

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I blame Martin Aspeli!

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Again, this is generally safe

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