Collective.saconnect doesn't support Python3?

I want to use collective.saconnect on Plone 5.2 on Python 3. I think doesn't support Python 3.
Do you have any information?

Last commit from the answer is obvious...

I'm trying to make a new branch.

but I did not fix the unittest, for the below:

class TestGS(unittest.TestCase, BodyAdapterTestCase):
    """Test that collective.saconnect is properly installed."""



    def setUp(self):
        self._obj = UserDict()
        directlyProvides(self._obj, ISQLAlchemyConnectionStrings)

UserDict did not support Python 3. I want to use collections.MutableMapping, but this is ABC, It doesn't have some special method.

TypeError: Can't instantiate abstract class MutableMapping with abstract methods __delitem__, __getitem__, __iter__, __len__, __setitem__

Anyone help me.

Should I use collections.UserDict?