Collective.notifications on Plone 5.2

Does anyone know if collective.notifications is working on Plone 5.2 with Python 2.7 ?

I did try but, it error because of missing 'modules'. (parse, mail, etc).
I could not find any info about requirements.

I think the problem is in

1. import urllib.parse

I think that's the problem because it's incomplete if I'm reading the manual for py27 correctly it should be:

1. from urlparse import urlparse

I'm not the most astute programmer btw, but that's 2ยข.

I fixed url parse with some code from another add-on, but then I got from mail import something).

OCD is a curse..

I was looking your email burping problem and I think its because in there was a line to import a py3 only lib for email.policy.

Anyway, there was a commit 2 hours ago that restores Py27 compatibility. Might want to try it out now and see if it works.

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