Collective/icalendar and updates

If you use event content types in your Plone site, you might be interested in the development of collective/icalendar to support zoneinfo as the replacement for pytz for Python 3.9+. This project recently received funding as a critical project. Plone uses this library to generate .ical files.

Please consider following the project on GitHub and reviewing pull requests.

The work @niccokunzmann is pouring into icalendar is impressive, and deserves our support. It is critical toward the PLIP [DRAFT] PLIP #5629: Enhance timezone support in UI for `` based types · Issue #5629 · plone/volto · GitHub.


Thanks for discussing this :slight_smile: I am looking forward to be a remote participant at the buschenschanksprint.

The funding came from and I am sure if Plone applies, you are able to fund some of the other work, too.

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