I've Installed collective.geo.bundle 2.3 on a plone 5.0.8. I've got the huge problem that i can't select the folders type as georefernciable. it only appears Comments. How can i resolve?

Judging from,
it doesn't appear to be Plone 5 compatible.

yet work was done on it.

Probably some breakage happened. I plan to take a look at what could have happened.

see also

I had to go to dexterity content type -> folder -> and then enable the geo maps and geo bahavor.

But another problem appeared: I cant vie the map in the correct way. If i set the KML View it give me the on i've set as default and this is ok. If i go to a folder - >edit it gives me the tab Coordinates but the javascript is broken, i can't set anything. The console for javascript gives me some warnings like:

Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion
Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired

How should i proceed? Remove al the old .js and replace them with the new ones?