Hey there,

I just wanted to ask, who created and what is planned for it?

I'm asking because the company I am working for (operun) wants to build a frontpage add-on, where the user can add sections to a frontpage... There will be different section types:

  • Welcome Section
  • Static section: Title, Description, Text
  • News section: Showing 3-5 latest News Items
  • Tiles section: Showing 3-5 tiles (Tile = Card with image, title, text, and onClick-link)
  • Search Section
  • ...

Maybe there are some synergies ?

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It seems it was created 15 days ago by Stefan Antonelli

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Thank you alert! :slight_smile:
I just talked to him.

Anybody interested in the project?


Collective.cover does not meet your requirements?

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Hello, good afternoon!!! I have an interest to participate.
Estamos divulgando uma frota com 4 expositores, more information, get in touch. We are at your disposal!