Collective.easyformplugin.createdx: how to create items with pending state?

Plone 5.2.5
collective.easyformplugin.createdx 1.0a3

I have tried with the content rules, but I always get the following error with the "Simple Publication" workflow and Pending state: No workflow provides the '${action_id}' action.

It works in the following ways:

1.- Add new... My Dexterity content type.

2.- Using collective.easyformplugin.createdx with "Intranet/Extranet" workflow and Internal Draft state.


"Solved" creating a custom workflow for this type of custom dexterity content and setting the state that interests me as the initial state.

Now createdx creates them with the desired state.

It is not the solution to the problem, but it's OK for me.