Collective Easyform - Subforms?

Is there an option to create subforms with collective easyform or should I use z3c.form for this?

I noticed a reference to subforms in the sasyform saveddata traversal adapter, but am not sure how it is relevant...

Is this still the recommended way when working with z3c.form?

What are subforms? Usecase?

Usecase is: employee types tracking id from the label of a return package, the order with all line items is returned in subform, user then selects the returned item from the order and a RETINS document is spit out to the seller...

The order data and tracking id are in a relational database and will be provided to the widget by way of a dynamic vocabulary.

What you can do is break up the workflow in multiple forms and let the first form to query/lookup the tracking id post its results to the second form which retrieves the order. But from your description of the functionality a custom z3c.form in python it's at best prototyping to try to achieve this in easyform instead of writing a custom view with a z3c.form defined in Python.

(b.t.w. Plone/Zope still uses z3c.form 3.x as in z3c.form 4.x there were some breaking changes/deprecations. there is some more information on the z3c.form pypi page. z3c.form · PyPI - One of the removed features are ObjectSubForms

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Thank you @fredvd I looked at that by making the first easyform the default document in a folder and then an attempt to use traverse and pass the value to a second form.

This resulted in strange layout artifacts, where the portlets would show under the form. And, the second form resulted in becoming submitted without user interaction... Another approach I then considered was to use custom scripting as an action handler, but I quiclky rejected that from a maintenance perspective.

So if it takes a lot of situps and custom code, I might as well write it on the filesystem. I am now experimenting with the DGFTreeSelect fieldwidget, which is already in use in other parts of the site.

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