Collective.contentrules.mailtogroup : 'send' field

Is there a way / workaround to send (the content) of a field with c.contentrules.mailtogroup ?

(I want to include the field 'context/mobile' and 'contactperson' in the email )


@GhitaB : Do you have the code anyware (I assume the right place is to fork c.c.mailtogroup and add it there (?) )

Yes. This is an example in my case:

SetEmailSender is a SetEmailSubstitution

used for email_sender:

and available for usage in your content rule like this:


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Just courious: Could it be (techincally) possible to make something 'for all fields' instead of having one for each?

Something like ${getfield/somefield} or ${getfield(something)}

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