Collection Table Columns and Custom Dexterity Types (Plone 5.2.1)


Okay, so our project is moving along, and I'm looking at adding some custom dexterity types and then displaying these in collections. (If a concrete example helps, I'm going to start by setting up a "Time Off" type based on the built-in Event type, and then setting up some Collections to display vacation calendars.) I'm doing this all TTW. So far it's going well, but I have a few questions:

  1. When I create my collection and go to the Table Columns section to customize its tabular view, the list of fields I can select seems to be fixed -- I can't seem to add my own, and it doesn't seem to pick up on new fields that I've created in my new Dexterity Types. Is it possible to add to this field list, and if so, how?

  2. When I create the Dexterity Type, if I select behaviours which field sets, and then also add my own custom Fields, the custom Fields always come before the field sets defined by the behaviours, and I can't seem to drag-to-reorder the behaviour-related fields. (As an example, I kept the Event Basic behaviour because I like the "Whole Day" checkbox and wasn't sure how to replicate it, plus I needed those fields anyway, but I also added a custom field called Comments, where people can add freeform notes as needed. I'd like Comments to appear at the end, with the date selectors right near the top, but I can't seem to reorder them that way.) Is that possible, or do I have to disable the behaviour and create each field manually in order to do that?

  3. When I tried deselecting all of the behaviours and then creating my own fields from scratch, it was unable to display the item after creating it. By adding a field with the short/programmatic name of "title" but the description set how I wanted (Employee, in this case) and enabling "Generate short name from title", the problem went away, but now if I add the Title field to the Collection table, the column is labelled "Title" instead of "Employee". It's not a huge deal, but can that be changed? Or is having an item with no title field fine and I just did something wrong? (If so, I can go fetch the error again to see what was happening there.)

  4. When selecting the Collection's filter criteria, does "Event end date" account for time, or just date? If someone's vacation ends at midnight tonight, they're still out of the office, and I'd like their time off to show up in the list today. I've set it using After Relative Date and then typed "-1" in the blank, but that's pure guesswork and I have no idea if it's right or wrong.

  5. As a real icing-on-the-cake feature I thought it might be nice to have Employee and Delegate be pickable or searchable from our users list, but I can't seem to see a way to do that. I've tried creating a custom field of type Choice and selecting as the vocabulary, but this just results in a blank drop-down list that you can't enter anything in to. Is there a way to do this? Does using LDAP auth change the answer?

I think that's about it for now. :slight_smile: Anyone who can help with any or all of these, you have my thanks!

What i did: I register my own tabular_view via zcml and customize the