Cloud installation

Hello all,

I am newbie in Plone but I like it too much.
I have trying to install Plone in my cloud, and hosting admins do a lot of job to fix everything...
But today is third day that Plone is not appear online.

I have this "error" after trying to install

This is first whats terminal said...


which: no dialog in (/usr/local/jdk/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/opt/cpanel/composer/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/root/bin)

Testing /usr/local/bin/python2.7 for Zope/Plone requirements....
Warning: This Python does not have readline support.
It may still be usable for Zope, but interacting directly with Python will be painful.

/usr/local/bin/python2.7 looks OK. We will use it.

Plone installation requires the development versions of libxml2 and libxslt.
libxml2 must be version 2.7.8 or greater; libxslt must be 1.1.26 or greater.
Ideally, you should install these as dev package libraries before running
If -- and only if -- these packages are not available for your platform, you may
try adding --static-lxml=yes to your command line to force a
local, static build of these libraries. This will require Internet access for the

This is second

./ standalone --build-python --static-lxml=yes

We already have a Python environment for this target; ignoring --build-python.
Testing /usr/local/bin/python2.7 for Zope/Plone requirements....
Warning: This Python does not have readline support.
It may still be usable for Zope, but interacting directly with Python will be painful.

/usr/local/bin/python2.7 looks OK. We will use it.

Root install method chosen. Will install for use by users:
ZEO & Client Daemons: plone_daemon
Code Resources & buildout: plone_buildout
Detailed installation log being written to /home/domain/Plone-5.0.4-UnifiedInstaller/install.log
Installing Plone 5.0.4 at /opt/plone
Using useradd and groupadd to create users and groups.
plone_group already exists; no need to create it.
User plone_daemon already exists. No need to create it.

They re-install library for libxml2 but same things happend.
The server is Centos

I can't do sudo or something cause I dont have permissions....
Just need to know why I can't install this site.

In localhost I've done with a minute.

Thank you so much for help!

The second "error" doesn't seem to be an error.

Whatever is ... I just know that I can not install and I dont know what I am doing wrong

How do you know there is a problem? The first error is not really an error; it's indicating you are missing required packages before trying to install Plone.

If you can't ssh to your server, have your admins look through

We would need to see the output of

bin/instance fg

I can do ssh to my server, problem was with hosting. They couldn't first install libxml2.
Now, I got an answer from support. And I am not sure what shoudl I configure inside of this file, except to change http/8080 to http address of my server. Some how or they not understand that after command ./ process is starting, but in this case I don't have this option. All the time is gives me this from the beginning of this message. Simple I don't see window for installation process in my browser like when I install in localhost... All files are there, everything is installed, but simpley I dont know how to start Plone,.

Our administrators have rechecked the server and confirmed that the port 8080 is open on it. I have rechecked the application's documentation and here what I have found:

According to the readme:
Before you start Plone, you should review the settings in:

And from Plone Documentation:
-> 'Creating a Plone user' section
While testing or developing for Plone, you may have just used an installation in a home directory, owned by yourself. That is not suitable for a production environment...

_Plone and all required modules were already installed on your server by our administrators. Before using the Plone, you will need to configure it using /home/plone/zinstance/buildout.cfg, proceed to the buildout phase and, as recommended by Plone developers, consider to create a user for it. _

I must remind you that Plone is a third party application and you may want to contact your developer or Plone support to assist you with further configuration. In case you will need to modify or set any particular configuration on the server, or will face an errors related to the server environment, please let me know and I'll be glad to assist you on this.

Here is the answer from hosting. So there is a problem Plone - Centos....

I am sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, I didn't find any website or forum or anything related to Zeoserver and WHM. I am afraid the WHM and Apache configuration won't support the Zeo server. I also couldn't find any helpful manual that explained or showed the installation of Plone to Centos with WHM servers. You can try to edit the Apache configuration to configure the Plone web service using the link:

However, changing the Apache config file might break the web server functionality. It's better to create a backup of the files that you are going to change.

I can't do this with my Apache, cause I have a few huge portals.
Have you any idea where can I suitable hosting for Plone with regular price ?
Thank you

The easiest way to get Plone running in the cloud is to use a virtual server from a company like Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon, Google ... and use the Plone Ansible Playbook to provision the server. Very complete instructions are available. I'd choose an Ubuntu or Debian box unless you're absolutely stuck with CentOS.

I have used for years and like it a lot (also inexpensive even though powerful). E.g. a $10/mo Linode will run multiple Plone sites quickly (uses solid state disks by default).

The Plone Foundation uses it for some of its servers too, e.g.,,

Hi Steve,

thank you so much for answer. No, I am not stuck with CentoOS, but I have a cloud already and I want it to try Plone how is look like on Web. But as you can see the answer from hosting.
So now I will find another one, I would like to start with Plone development.
Its very interesting as I can see in localhost...
Thank you one more time for advices

Well... I think you are solved all of my problems and only I can say thank you so much!!
I like to start full time with Plone, great thing really.

Thank you so much for support and answers :slight_smile:

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