Clickable menu "heading" on dropdowns

Hi, I mistaking thought the reference to clickableNavigationRoots in the volto-dropdownmenu readme make the menu headings clickable but it refers to the menu items. Has anyone customized the menu headings to be clickable?

Maybe this discussion will help, also search the forum, there's been other discussions on this

Thanks @tiberiuichim I saw that post but I would prefer to go with v.dropdownmenu because it provides the site administrator with so many options. I am migrating an plone 4 site and was hoping someone has already customized v.dropdownmenu look similar the Webcouturier version.

For those interested I used GitHub - kenmanheimer/volto-navigation-dropdown: Plone website navigation dropdown menus. I made use of the config params to get it to look like Webcouturier menus - navDepth 2 and selfInContext false

On Volto website I modified the Navigation component in my theme, it provides clickable menu heading on my secondary navigation (Plone nav), a mega-menu (non-dynamic xml source) and to use google CSE. This is what it looks like source: /** * Navigation components. * @module components/theme/Navigation/Navigatio -

Thanks @rnunez, that looks amazing

thank you

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