Clean up documentation section 'Schema-driven forms'


@MrTango and I were and are still working on the docs during the sprint in Berlin. We picked the section '' and want to remove mentions and examples of grok and plone.directives.

Since I am not very familiar with schema-driven forms, I recreated the example that was explained in the text. Up to now I got until the Fieldsets section. I put the code into a personal repo at

I have some ideas how to go about improving the docs now, but I also like to get feedback, what are styles and best practises with the documention.

I want to streamline the repo above that every commit corresponds with a section in the docs. So that in the docs we can easily refer to the full code in context, since only the relevant parts of code appear as listings within the docs. I wanted to put the code into a repo 'collective.exampleform' in the collective and name the package accordingly. Here would be my question, if this is a good way to go. I am open for other suggestions.

As mentioned above I only made it to section Fieldsets. and seem to me, like they are repeating a lot of topics and concepts described before, but are very deep entangled in grok and plone.directive approaches. I don't know how to deal with them and will leave them aside. But hints and opinions about whats valuable in there are welcome.


Thank you for this work! I think collective.exampleform is indeed the way to go and that the division by sections using branches works well.

Thanks for your confirmation. I am still working on it. I think in a few days I can make a pull request for the docs and have the collective.exampleform - repo up.

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Just a note to keep some information: I just found this issue on the docs repo in github:

So some of the pages with grok-alert in this issue will be fixed, when I am finished (hopefully soon).