Clarify some doubts about collective.exportimport

Well, I'm sorry for the multiple topics on the subject.
I have some doubts about how to do a migration the righ way!
So, first, how should I create the content types I had on the previous site I want to migrate? TTW or code? I think the answer to this one is code. Also, when creating the types, I should also create the respective fields, correct?
After this being done, and proceding with running /@@import_content, should I have something else on my mind?
Sorry if this are stupid questions, I'm a little confuse, and just want to do this right!!

Thank you!!

How you create the contenttypes in the target site does not matter on filesystem or TTW created, they have to be there before the @@import_content view tries to load the json and recreate the items.

For consistency, speed and repeatability it would be wise to have your content type definitions on filesystem in an add'on instead of having them tied to a particular content-database (which is wat happens when you create them TTW in the content types control panel).

Please watch these videos (but there are more) and the new training created by Philip for this years PloneConf for more information on using collective.exportimport.

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Thank youu!!