Checkbox not working on mobile devices

I wanted to create a form with checkboxes in an "event". To create a form, I use the volto form block.
As I was checking the function on my mobile device, I found out that I can't check the checkbox, and I can't submit the form if this field is mandatory. If I use the form on a "page", it works on mobile devices, so the problem only exists if I use it in an "event".

I can't find out what is causing this problem.

If I click the checkbox on mobile, the box has no check, only the text changes its color.
mobile checkbox checked

If i then change from mobile to desktop the checkbox is checked.

If the checkbox is checked, the label element on the desktop has an "after".
desktop elements

But the same on mobile has no "after".
mobile elements

@anubis I suggest you add an issue to the repo Issues · collective/volto-form-block · GitHub as well, maybe someone from the community can check and either fix or provide a workaround.

Okey thank you I added the issue.