Chat switching from Gitter to Discord

For the switch from Gitter to Discord: the chat support page on is now updated and the top navigation bar has been adjusted to include a link to the Plone Discord

(I've updated the logo in the Discord)


I am happy to to see a focussing on one forum and one chat channel.
You switched to Discord. Who is the owner? May I suggest to place at least two or better three owners. Current owner seems to be one person with profile 'I am playing Visual Studio Code'.


@djay and I are the owners currently (I could have sworn @stevepiercy was too) but I will add more

hm, UI fail... don't seem to be able to add owners. Will have to revisit

I apologize. I am sorry Kim. A restart of Discord app made me see you, @tkimnguyen as a second owner.

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No need to apologize! You helped me look at the issue, and we do need to have more than just Dylan and me in there. I created an Admin role and assigned a bunch of folks to it so they can help moderate etc. In the meantime that will have to do. The help docs are clear as mud

non-us-native typing here:

  • who is your 'that a bunch of folks' you assigned?

Just dropping a line here to offer help. If you need any further help with Discord roles and permissions let me know, I have a few years experience on Discord and might know stuff.


I would love you to be an owner :grinning:

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And we have now a modern Plone Logo!
OTHO I got a bit nostalgic all the time using Discord, which is now past too :.-(

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It’s what I had on my MacBook! …back into the mists of time, from the first logo packs

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