Changing TinyMCE toolbar..?

Plone 5.2

What is the correct way to enable a plugin or toolbar option like the color picker?
Clicking the checkbox in the TinyMCE control is not sufficient. Adding "colorpicker" to one of the toolbar or plugin text fields also has no effect..the complete control panel seems to be dysfunctional or am I missing something?

I will check this later for you, but in essence, you need to include the plug-in JavaScript and compile it into your bundle. In your registry you can create an entry for TinyMCE to init the plug-in every time it loads.

Unfortunately (in my experience) the TinyMCE implementation in Plone is very finicky, especially if it's done through the control panel. I would recommend setting everything using the Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.controlpanel.ITinyMCESchema in the registry to be sure.

On this note, who's for implementing into Plone. A much lighter alternative to TinyMCE!

To bring it to the point: the TinyMCE integration in Plone 5.X is a complete mess

It's over complicated as part of the whole requirejs and resource bundling debacle in my opinion. This is essentially the reason why we started to begin with.

...but I mean, Plone is still using jQuery 1.11 making it hard to use newer plug-ins to begin with. I somewhat resolved this issue in, although it should be noted that not all patterns and Plone functionality works 1:1 as a result.

@Netroxen have a look at the topics page of maybe you wanna join us? :wink:

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