Changes to basic provider listings for 2018

As I hope you're all aware of, is the high level showcase for marketing Plone.

We prominently feature our premium Foundation sponsors on the front page. On the Providers page, premium Foundation sponsors are at the top, followed by standard Foundation sponsors, followed by basic provider listings.

The basic provider listings were always meant to be very basic, not the way they are now, which is visually equivalent to the premium and standard sponsorships in terms of format and size and detail. The only difference is in the order they appear on the page.

For 2018, we are reducing the amount of detail given to basic provider listings, limiting them to just the name and link to the company web site.

We are making this change to reflect the critical financial support given to the Foundation by sponsors. Perhaps crassly, in other words, you get a much better listing if you support the Foundation financially.

The “1 hour of your consulting rate” fee for basic provider listings will continue to be available, ensuring that everyone can be listed.

If you are a Foundation Hero who is donating annually more than the equivalent of 1 hour of your consulting rate, please let me know so that I can add you to the basic provider listings.

To find out how to sponsor the Foundation, please see