Changes proposed to the Plone Foundation bylaws

The Plone Foundation was formed in 2006 and received only one revision to its bylaws in 2008. The Foundation Board has been considering ways in which to improve how the Board can better reflect the evolving Plone community and the challenges its family faces. The Board needs to onboard new members while protecting its stability and continuity.

A summary of what is being proposed follows:

Two-year terms for board members

The main change proposed to the bylaws is to institute two-year terms for Board members, using two staggered cohorts. In this cohort scheme, the current seven seats would be divided into a 3-seat cohort that would be up for election in 2023 and a 4-seat cohort up for election in 2024. In subsequent years, there would be elections for the alternating cohorts of 3 and 4 seats.

Inclusive language

While formulating the proposed changes to the bylaws, we noted that there were many places in which unnecessarily gendered language had been used. So we propose to change that.


Who can vote

All Active Plone Foundation Members will be able to vote as long as their e-mail addresses are updated on the Membership mailing list by August 16th.

Emeritus Members first must request the transition to Active before August 16th.


From August 17-24 , 2023, using the OpaVote platform, each Foundation Member will be allowed to vote on the proposed changes.

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The results of the vote on the "Plone Foundation Proposed Bylaws changes" is out:

Of the 114 voters in this election, 80 cast ballots, and the "Yes, I do accept the changes" was the winner with 74 votes (92.5%).

Option Count
Yes, I do accept the changes 74
No, I do not accept the changes 6
Exhausted 0
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